Eyewitness Footage of Typhoon Haiyan, Washing House Away

Footage taken at 6am on Friday 8 November as the storm hit Hernani in Eastern Samar. Plan staff member Nickson Gensis took this while sheltering on the 2nd floor of a house less than a few hundred metres from the sea.

"Six of us took refuge on the top floor of a boarding house. Five were praying and I was filming. The others called me to pray with them but I said that I needed to document this."

"Three of our group were male and we all wore trunks so that we could swim if we needed to. We were so scared. But I thought, 'if I die, so be it'."

"It was like a huge tsunami but the water receded quickly afterwards. We ventured downstairs and outside around noon. I took shots of the boarding house we had been in because I was so thankful thank it protected me. At 2pm I started work, traveling to assess the damage to villages supported by Plan. I realized as I was taking notes while talking to people that I was shaking."

Plan emergency teams are on the ground providing aid to children and families affected by Typhoon Haiyan. To support the relief effort, go to PlanResponds

Typhoon Haiyan survivors walk through the ruins of their neighborhood on the outskirts of Tacloban, central Philippines on Nov. 13. (David Guttenfelder/Associated Press) #

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