Winter Climbing in Scotland

With friends Ian Parnell (UK) and Audrey Gariepy (Canada), Ines Papert has been climbing some of Scotland's steepest routes. What is so special about Scotland? The access routes are usually long and difficult, the weather can change alarmingly quickly and it is almost always wet and windy. The routes are climbed in traditional style. Gear is placed and removed during the climb. There are no anchor points. A fall could have dramatic consequences. This kind of climbing requires tremendous courage and experience.

The team climbed every day until dark and completed some of the most stunning routes in the Northern Highlands -- which are also some of the toughest. A huge challenge -- and not only in front of the camera. Ines climbed Blood Sweat and Frozen Tears (VIII,8), reportedly making her the first woman to lead that grade in Scotland - needless to say, on-sight. Camera man Hans Hornberger accompanied the team and produced some inspiring footage of the climbs.

Winter climbing in Scotland
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  1. The bottom picture is from the Canadian Rockies not Scotland. Please give due credit to the appropriate photographer, and maybe include actual climbing shots from Scotland - I would like to see more of what Scotland has to offer.

  2. i like the climing sport and i will join the climbing courses. thank for sharing the more information of climbing sports and technique.


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