This Rare, Beautiful Phenomenon Is Called Full Cloud Inversion... And You Must See It!

This Rare, Beautiful Phenomenon Is Called Full Cloud Inversion... And You Must See It!
SKYGLOW Project.

Millions of people visit every year the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the Earth's seven natural wonders. Nevertheless, on extremely rare times when cold air is trapped in the canyon and blanketed by a layer of warm air; this, combined with moisture and condensation, creates a phenomenon also known as the “full cloud inversion.”

In what looks like something between ocean waves and fast-moving clouds, the Grand Canyon is entirely obscured by fog. This spectacular phenomenon makes visitors feel like they are walking on clouds. Below you can see the beauty of nature in all its glory.

h/t: Sunny skys

Image credits: Photography by the SKYGLOW Project.
This Rare, Beautiful Phenomenon Is Called Full Cloud Inversion... And You Must See It! This Rare, Beautiful Phenomenon Is Called Full Cloud Inversion... And You Must See It! Reviewed by Truth Seeker on 8:45 AM Rating: 5


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