Brilliant Idea! Totally Disposable Paper Snowboard

In this month's Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the Signal crew set out to make a snowboard out of a product that is basically built to fail—paper. Paper has very little structural integrity, which only worsens when it's damp. So it makes perfect sense to try to make this material into a weight bearing, torsion tortured, snow-sliding device with the help of the crew at Ernest Packaging.

Dave meets up with Signal teamrider Melissa Riitano and Morrison Hsieh at Copper Mountain in Colorado to see if this board can take the punishment—how many runs do you think they'll get out it—one run, two? On the upside this "paper shredder" is totally recyclable!
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Brilliant idea! Totally Disposable Paper Snowboard
Source: Network A
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Brilliant Idea! Totally Disposable Paper Snowboard Brilliant Idea! Totally Disposable Paper Snowboard Reviewed by Eli Snow on 5:23 AM Rating: 5


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